Bio Page

My name is Michael Kuszek. I started doing auto repair in my fathers driveway when I was 16 years old, and I have been doing it ever since. I went to school to be certified for Mig and Tig welding, which has lent me great insight into auto body construction. I have also gone to school for air conditioning and refrigeration, which has helped me with automotive air conditioning. I have owned this shop for 30 years now, and have easily performed hundreds upon hundreds of restorations, and even more repairs. I have worked on both the simplest, and most intricate sheet metal and fiberglass situations. I work only with the finest materials, even if they carry a higher price tag. I love cars, and have a great attention to detail.  Anyone can spray a car, but it takes a craftsman with experience to truly restore it to new.

My shop is under constant improvement and has a state of the art security system for your and my peace of mind.